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Tune In Radio Podcast featuring Self-Care Coach for Moms

As a self-care coach for moms, I was recently invited to an interview with the Podcast Business News Network to share about Best Self Mom and the services we offer. To listen to the actual interview, click here. Want to know more about what we offer at Best Self Mom? If so, read on for all the responses that were prepared for the interview.

1. Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer.

Sure, At Best Self Mom I help moms revolutionize their self-care so they can bring out their best self.

Besides stress reducing tools and strategies that I share on the website, I provide self-care coaching to moms who are currently dealing with stress, overwhelm or burnout and want to bring balance into their lives.

I offer a free 30-minute discovery session for moms. This gives us a chance to connect and let out how stress has been having an impact on their life. It also gives them a chance to see how Best Self Mom Coaching can help them achieve the balance they want alongside their personal goals.

To schedule your free session, simply go to where you can find a link at the very top of the homepage and access my calendar.

Other services I am working to provide in the near future is a retreat for mothers as well as various workshops that will be available online so stay tuned for that.

2. How long have you been in business?

I started Best Self Mom in 2020. Before the pandemic, I was sitting on the fence with the idea for the website. When the pandemic hit, I took it as a clear sign to go for it. It was no longer a question to me of IF moms needed this type of support. I have been a self-care coach for moms for over a year now.

Quote: "One of the most rewarding things I love about coaching moms is not only does it have a positive impact on her, but the rewards impact her entire family." -Tiphany Janik

3. Tell us about your business.

When we are stressed or overwhelmed it can affect our ability to be the happy and loving mothers we want to be for our children. Stress can make us irritable, emotional and distant. There are many ways we can recognize this in the home.

It could be yelling at our children when they make a mistake, where if we were at a calmer state we would have been able to react reasonably.

Or maybe we are not able to sit down and play with our children because our inability to stay present as we are too busy thinking about all the things we have to do.

And that’s not how we want to show up for our kids, but when we are stressed or overwhelmed its harder to respond at our best, especially when we are reacting from our fight or flight response.

With Best Self Mom Coaching, Mothers will gain a variety of tools to help reduce their stress levels overall. Together, we identify their current stressors and are able to create an action plan to either reduce or eliminate their source of stress. My clients learn a deeper understanding of self-care and are able to assess exactly what types of self-care they need and will benefit from the most. With the results of this assessment, they are able to develop a detailed targeted self-care plan that is unique to their needs. With their self-care plan in hand, and accountability partner in place (that’s me), they are able to achieve the balance they desire and bring out their best self.

4. What inspired you to pursue your profession?

As a busy mom of five, I’ve been stressed out, burned out, and basically came to a point I wanted out. I didn’t take care of myself well. I thought that was what I was supposed to do as a good mom otherwise it would be selfish.

I didn’t understand the importance of taking care of myself, until I couldn’t care for my family anymore because I was too burnt out. That’s when I came to understand the importance of self-care and learning to balance myself with my role of being a mother.

And that’s what I want to help other moms do. When they do this, they are able to reignite their passion for motherhood and also a healthier sense of themselves.

What I most about being a self-care coach for moms in particular, is not only does it have a positive impact on her, but the rewards ripple through her entire family. And who knows how far it spreads?

5. What would you like the listeners to know about you?

I was a homeschooling mother for over 8 years. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and certified life coach.

Before becoming a life coach, I was coached by author and top life coach and self-esteem expert Lynda Field.

As I have reconnected with myself over the last few years, I have reignited my passion for getting creative whether that be creating crafts or designing graphics not just for best self mom, but for our local food pantry and my toastmasters group as well and those are things I do for myself that feed my soul.

With my family, we love taking trips to amusement parks which is something we are able to do often here in California. We are Lego fanatics. And one of our favorite times of the day is watching an episode of our favorite show together.

So those are some fun facts about me.

Since I started taking care of myself better, I also began to build a better relationship with myself.

By implementing self-care regularly and reconnecting with my values I have become a better mom, and a happier one too. I am kinder, and have grown to be more patient with my kids.

And to top it off, I have been able to model and share the tools and strategies with my children and I have seen them grow in confidence because of it.

And that brings me to this, one of the most rewarding things I love about coaching moms is not only does it have a positive impact on her, but the rewards impact her entire family.

Author: Tiphany Janik
Self-Care Coach For Moms

Are you a stressed-out mom? If so, grab this free 12-page self-care kit here to help you de-stress in 2023. I’ve been stressed out, burned out, and basically wanted out. The tools and strategies I share in this kit and throughout Best Self Mom have helped me revolutionize my self-care and bring out my best self. If you are ready to show up for your family like never before, let’s chat!


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