11 Rejuvenating Self-Care Ideas For Exhausted Moms

Life as a mom is not a cup of tea. From picking up and dropping off kids, to creating fun activities and schedules for them. There is so much that a mom has to do. Finding a balance between your hectic mom schedule and personal downtime is tricky. But, it isn’t impossible. You need to prioritize your self-care.

If you’re looking for ways to rejuvenate yourself, then here are some self-care ideas.

#1. Have a girl’s day out

As an exhausted mom, you may lose touch with some friends. But, it is important to make some time in the month if not the week to meet them. You can plan a walking date or go window shopping. Besides that, you can also choose to volunteer somewhere with your friend. Maybe you could join a mom club and make some friends there.

One study found that women who hang out with their friends seem to be happier and healthier than those who do not. So now you have the perfect excuse to catch up with your girls.

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#2. Pick up old hobbies

Most exhausted moms seem to drop a lot of their favorite things when they get busy with kids. But, your passions and hobbies are important. They are something to keep you sane when things get crazy. So pick up whatever it is that you love or loved to do. It could be finally sitting down with that unread book. Or you could pick up a crossword puzzle. 

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking pick that up again. You don’t even have to cook for the whole family. Make something small just for you. Besides that, you should also consider joining a club for more consistent self-care. It could be a book club, cooking class, pottery class or an open-mic night. Whatever gives you a break from being a mom even if it’s for 30 mins will help. 

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#3. Get artsy

Arts and Crafts are a great way to wind yourself down. They help you to concentrate on what you’re doing at the moment. You could pick up a sketchbook and go crazy. Besides that, adult coloring books are all the rage right now. You can also do some DIY crafts at home. 

Additionally, you could learn how to sew, knit, or crochet. Not only are they therapeutic, but they teach you a great deal of patience. And patience is something you can never have enough of.  

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#4. Time for a Mom-cation

Think about the last time you went somewhere by yourself. It was quite a while ago right? A mom-cation is the perfect self-care idea for you. It might seem unrealistic but if you plan it well, it can help you. Even if you choose to go somewhere local it can work wonders. Start with a one or two-day activity. It could be something as simple as going to a museum. You could also plan something around the home with friends. Have a staycation and send your kids out for the day.

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#5. Try talking it out

Many seasoned moms have suggested therapy as a self-care routine. Speaking to an unbiased person who is there to support you is helpful. Even if you don’t want therapy, you can still talk to people. It could be your friends, extended family or even another mom’s perspective could that help. 

Journaling is also one self-care activity that you can add to your routine. Writing in a journal helps you to understand and express your emotions. You can also set goals for yourself as well as organize your thoughts. Whenever you have even 5 minutes to yourself start writing. 

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#6. Create some me time

If you’re a mom, you most certainly struggle with finding time to be by yourself. But, creating specific times in the day for yourself is helpful. This not only gives you some downtime but also creates boundaries with your kids. It teaches them to also give themselves some time to recharge. 

You can go about this in many different ways. Start simple with 2 hours of pampering yourself. Get a manicure and pedicure. Fix your hair up and experiment with makeup. 

You can also get a massage or take a nap. Give yourself a facial and take a soothing bubble bath. Listen to some chill music. Relax at home with a glass of wine or a mug of hot cocoa. 

You could also take a nap or sit and do absolutely nothing. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you keep it consistent and enjoyable. Switch it up every day so it doesn’t feel like a boring routine.

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#7. Get moving

As a mom, you’re on your feet quite a bit. But, choosing to stay consistently active is important. There are so many different forms of physical activity you can choose from. It isn’t like some compulsory P.E. class where you’re forced to play a boring game of dodgeball. 

You can pick from things like cycling, swimming, hiking or weightlifting. For less intense movement you can pick things like gardening, taking a stroll, or going for a run. For the more musically inclined mommies, you can get into dancing or Zumba. Besides that, you can also pick adventure sports or adrenaline-rush activities. This can make for an exciting change.

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#8. Visit a worship place

If you’re religious, then going to a place of worship is a good idea. It can help uplift your soul. Besides that, it allows you to sit by yourself and pray. Prayer is also quite therapeutic much like meditation.

#9. Pick an activity

There are so many different activities you can pick that allow you to step out of your routine. 

  • Start watching a TV show or go watch a movie. 
  • Wake up very early to catch a sunrise. 
  • You can also visit a museum or an art gallery. 
  • Check out your local cafe. 
  • Visit a flea market. 
  • Take a local boat ride or tour. 
  • Have a day at the beach. 
  • Take a drive around town. 
  • Go for a play or visit a local festival.
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#10. Stop the cleaning

I know this one sounds a bit crazy, but just stop cleaning. Choose any day in the week to deep clean the entire house as a family. You can also have a nightly half-hour of picking up the toys. But apart from that, leave it alone. You’re going to end up more stressed trying to clean every time your house gets messy.

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#11. Treat yourself and Be yourself

It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes. If you wanna do ice cream for dinner one night, go for it. Get all your favorite candy and crisps and enjoy yourself. Try something you’ve been dying to eat at a local bakery shop. 

Besides that, you need to be yourself. So many times moms completely lose their identities to keep the family happy. Being a mom doesn’t mean not being human. So go out and do everything you need to do for yourself. Go for a comedy show or join a laughter club. Write a goofy letter to your bestie. Go to a happy hour. Play a board game. Go on a date with your husband. Buy some flowers for yourself. Have a family dance party. Get as silly as you want, but be you.

Wrapping Up: Rejuvenating Self-Care for Exhausted Moms

Being a mom is one of the biggest blessings. You can find joy in so many things as you watch your kids grow up. Yet, most moms also know how exhausting it can be. Taking the time to look after yourself is also a very important part of being a mom. 

You can plan fun activities to do by yourself or with some friends. You can also start an exercise routine as well as pick up some old hobbies. Besides that, give yourself some time to talk about things that bother you. Something that is also therapeutic is treating yourself to your favorite goodies. You should also enjoy your time as a mom as best as you can.

How do you deal with exhausting days? What is your favorite self-care activity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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