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Hi, I'm Tiphany.

About Me

I am a mother of five wonderful children and a wife of an amazing and supportive husband and a Certified Professional Life Coach for Moms.  A few of my favorite things include: my morning coffee, traveling, streaming shows with the hubs, and reading and listening to all things in the self-development realm.

The Purpose

I created this journey blog to keep on track and explore deeper into the realm of self-help and self-improvement. I have already seen the fruits of implementing what I am learning helping me become a better parent and role-model

I equally desire to reach out to other moms who might share the same struggles and I will provide practical advice that will help others reduce their stress and journey towards becoming their best-self.

Behind the Blog

When I hit a crisis, I became overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and the tools I had was simply insufficient. I eventually fell into a deep depression and almost lost all sense of purpose. After months of torturing myself, I finally got help and that was a turning point for me.

I started getting tools and strategies which have been helping me to cope with stress, alleviate my anxiety, sleep better, and become overall a happier and peaceful person. 

I want my children to have the tools I have lived so long without. By practicing these new strategies, I am modeling them for my little sponges. It is a win-win! 

My role as a mother is my biggest passion and truly my life’s purpose. There is nothing more meaningful to me than raising my children with unconditional love and giving them the best start I can provide in life. 

Practice it. Model it. Achieve it!